Design Assistant / maker for Green Opera's 'Bluebeard's Castle', 2022
Designer: Emeline Beroud     Director: Eleanor Burke 
Photos: Nick Rutter
Skills used:
- sourcing sustainable materials 
- experimenting with materials
- assisting with design

- use of power tools​​​​​​​
- painting
Giant prop Cake, 2019
Skills used:
- polycarving
- basic carpentry
- use of staple gun
- basic use of power/hand/bench tools​​​​​​​
- maquette/design
- scrim
- painting

Scenic Artist for 'Half Full', 2020
Skills used 
- use of spray gun
- rollering/painting
- basic use of power/hand/bench tools
- sanding/finishing
- AutoCAD for CNC machine
- use of staple gun
- costing
 prop make: tomato plant
- reshaping/reworking bought synthetic plant
- sourcing prop to rework
Set designer: Tomás Palmer
Costume designer: Ariadna Bosch
Photographs by Ariadna Bosch
Show cancelled due to Covid-19
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